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Name Year(s) Degree Post-Graduation Research Project
Jacob McQuaide Summer 2008 B.S. National Football League Modification of a Blowdown Transonic Wind Tunnel to Produce Oscillating Freestream Mach Number
Riley Vollmer Summer 2008 B.S. M.S. at Ohio State Investigation of Flow-Induced Vibrations on a Side-View Mirror
Marco Palacio 2008-2009 B.S. GE Aviation Investigation of Flow-Induced Vibrations on a Side-View Mirror
Pradeep Kumar 2008-2010 M.S. Ph.D. at NC State Development of a Single-Shot Lifetime Pressure-Sensitive Paint Measurement Technique for Rotating Surfaces
Alex Fang 2008-2010 M.S. Honda R&D Application of Fast-Responding Pressure-Sensitive Paint on a Hemispherical Dome in Unsteady Transonic Flow
Sam Long 2009-2011 B.S. ATK Military Systems Development of a Temperature-Corrected Dual-Luminophore Pressure-Sensitive Paint System
Christopher Jensen 2008-2012 B.S., M.S. Boeing Global Pressure and Temperature Surface Measurements on a NACA 0012 Airfoil in Oscillatory Compressible Flow at Low Reduced Frequencies
Kevin Yugulis 2009-2012 B.S., M.S. Battelle High Subsonic Cavity Flow Control Using Plasma Actuators
Joseph Balla 2011-2012 M.S. Rolls-Royce Pressure-Sensitive Paint for Detection of Boundary Layer Transition
Thomas Juliano 2010-2012 Post-Doctoral Researcher Air Force Research Laboratory Motion-Deblurred Pressure-Sensitive Paint Techniques; Oscillating Airfoil in Transonic Flow
Mehmet Tomac 2008-2012 M.S., Ph.D. Abdullah Gül University, Faculty Internal Fluid Dynamics and Frequency Characteristics of Feedback-Free Fluidic Oscillators
David Huynh 2011-2013 B.S. Graduate School at Caltech Experimental Design of a Shock Tube For the Time Response Study of Porous Pressure-Sensitive Paint
Ryan McMullen 2011-2013 B.S. Graduate School at Caltech The Frequency Response of Porous Polymer/Ceramic Pressure-Sensitive Paint